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Spytech NetArmor is a secure internet protection utility for your Windows PC.

NetArmor's main objective is to detect possible malicious hacker backdoor intrusions and alert you so you can safely shutdown your machine, log off, or disconnect from the Internet.

NetArmor is not a firewall, but a connecting monitoring utility - ideal for your personal and corporate protection.

NetArmor can be set to alert you of all connections to your machine - or just possible malicious attacks.

The alert window features the possible attacker's IP Address, Host Address, Remote Port, the Local Port the attack occurred on, the connection status, and the time/date of the event.

All connections and alerts are logged into an easily viewed log (viewed with the built in log viewers) from where you can save the logs as text or html.

When an alert is displayed you also have the option of saving the attack information to a file - thus allowing you to easily contact the intruder's ISP for more information.

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