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Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003
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Spotmau WinCares package includes many useful tools for your Windows - Windows Doctor, Windows Backup & Recovery, Password & Key Finder, Clean up History & Folder Encryption, Desktop Secretary. Spotmau Wincares: Makes Windows faster, error free and more secure.

Windows Doctor (Smart Uninstall, IE Restore, Startup Manager): Remove your unwanted applications that cannot be removed by Windows "Add or Remove Programs"; Restore default settings of your Internet Explorer; Enable you to choose which programs automatically startup with Windows.

Windows Backup & Recovery: Recover your Windows when the system is crashed, or recover registry when the registry is crashed, or recover partition when the partition is crashed. File Shredder & File Undelete: Delete files and folders permanently from your hard disk; Restore files that have been deleted accidentally.

Password & Key Finder: Find your lost password for Email, MSN, IE and asterisks; Find you Windows, Office and IE product or CD keys.

Clean up History & Folder Encryption: Clear up all your activities record in your computer to protect your privacy; Enable you to encrypt folders to protect your private files from viewing by others.

Desktop Secretary: Help you manage daily time and business schedule.

Cannot uninstall unwanted programs? Want to remove pop-ups, Google Toolbar? Something is running on the background slowing your computer? Spotmau WinCares helps you fix and optimize your computer; clean up your PC activities and protect privacy; instantly find MS product keys and lost passwords.


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