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FileMonkey Version 10
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The FileMonkey file operations package automates common file management tasks which would otherwise be tedious and time consuming.

Main features of FileMonkey include:

  • Perform search and replace on file contents, file names or folder names
  • Rename files or folders to match a sequence
  • Split, join, or merge target files
  • Change attributes of files or folders
  • Edit last accessed, created and modified date stamps
  • Change case (capitalization) of file or folder names
  • Search engine for keywords within files
  • Create batch files and append strings to file names
  • Encrypt and decrypt files
  • Extract text from inside files
  • Filter, sort, and list by size, date, and pattern
  • Permanently wipe free space and erase files
  • This utility includes integrated online and offline help and support.

FileMonkey: Automate Common File Operations


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