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Disk Master will let you know EXACTLY which files have been added and edited on your PC after you've installed new software.

Did you know that when you un-install a program many files aren't removed from your PC consuming valuable disk space (sometimes megabytes!) even though the un-install program states that they have? Sad, but true! Disk Master can quickly detect any new files added to your system and remove them if you so desire with the simple click of a button! Disk space costs money therefore using Disk Master can actually save you money! In a short period of time Disk Master will actually pay for itself! With Disk Master you can also audit your disk drives and learn of new directories, deleted directories, new files, edited files, and deleted files! You can even perform data analysis and view the results in three-dimensional graphs!

Take control of your disk drives NOW with Disk Master!A disk/file management utility.

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