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AGG Advanced Modem Data Logger
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Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/2003/SBS2003
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Publisher Review / Description:

You may be an experienced hardware or network engineer, or a college student making his or her first steps towards a professional career and looking for a handy utility for extending your hardware-software application. Whatever the case may be, look no further than our Advanced Modem Data Logger, for it will meet all of your technical needs.

The program can work with various USB, PCI, RS232 or GSM modems, that support AT commands or have TAPI drivers. Advanced Modem Data Logger uses a task schedule to dial phone numbers and collect a data from remote devices to disk or to other targets. The utility captures modem data, custom processes it to your needs, then extracts variables with the data from data packets and transfers the data to a text or binary file, database, DDE, OPC or any Windows application either by sending keystrokes to the application's window.

If you have a few modems and remote devices working at the same time, don't worry, Advanced Modem Data Logger can handle many modems at the same time and record the data simultaneously! Advanced Modem Data Logger can work as a Windows service, which means that users can log on and off the Windows, but the program will still be there collecting your information, catching every symbol. Good functionality and power at a very affordable price!

Key features:

  • logs multiple modems at the same time, each modem can have different settings;
  • supports RS232, USB, PCI or GSM modems;
  • captures binary and text data from remote devices;
  • a configurable scheduler for each modem;
  • supports date/time stamping;
  • supports aggregation of several records to one data record;
  • saves received modem data without any changes to a log file;
  • data parsers that allows you to parse, filter and format your data;
  • data writing to ready-to-use MS Excel files;
  • data exporting to any ODBC-compatible database;
  • many plug-in modules;
  • works as a service or a standalone application on all Windows versions.Key features:* logs multiple modems at the same time, each modem can have different settings;

Advanced Modem Data Logger - an efficient tool for your modem data log

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