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RM Downloader is a Real Media and MP3 Stream Ripper/Grabber (not direct sound recording program), which makes it easy to download Real Video, Real Audio, SHOUTcast and Icecast streams.

And it separates the received MP3 stream into individual songs automatically. It supports to record streaming video and audio(.PLS, .M3U, .RM, . RMJ, . RAM, .RA, .RMVB, .SMI, .SMIL, and .RPM) streamed through the following protocols: HTTP, RTSP, and PNM. RM Downloader has a winner interface, you will find it very easy to navigate.


  • A winner interface easy to navigate;
  • Records both video and audio streams (Real Audio, Real Video, Real Media,: RA, RAM, RM and RMVB);
  • Parse web pages and list files to get the media files automatically;
  • Download live online radio streams like Winamp SHOUTcast, Icecast, and BBC Radio stations;
  • Separates the received stream into individual songs by the output file's size automatically;
  • Separates the received stream into individual songs by the song's duration automatically;
  • Separates the received stream into individual songs and name songs by stream's title automatically;
  • Names the individual songs automatically using the stream information;
  • Automatically parse streaming script such as .m3u to acquire real URLs;
  • Automatically tags songs with title, artist, album and genre information;
  • Use multi-threads to download file for HTTP to significantly reduce the time of downloads;
  • Powerful Command Lines.

RM Downloader is a professional streaming Real Media processer.

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