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Now you can host your very own photo gallery online for the world to see! With ImageIsland, you can instantly turn your existing web site into a simple photo gallery and image management system. Unlike most PC-based photographic software, this very simple web site product will allow you to upload and manage photos using a web-based interface you access securely using your web browser of choice.

To get started, just buy a copy of ImageIsland, upload it to your web site and begin uploading, managing, and sharing your photos using the World Wide Web. After installing in your web site, you will be able to upload, edit, rescale, rename, rotate, email, and share hundreds of photos instantly online with others. Your friends and family can access your photos from anywhere, anytime, day or night because its always online using the power of the Internet and your web site. You no longer have to use another online photo subscription site, search portal, desktop image software, or photo sharing web site. Instead, create your own photo pages and share them online with others using ImageIsland!

ImageIsland comes with the following features:

  • Upload photos from any computer, anywhere in the world, using your existing web site.
  • No more more photo desktop software! All you need is a web browser.
  • No database required! The xml-based database is baked right in.
  • Easy drag-and-drop-to-the-server installation.
  • Automatically creates thumbnails for all uploaded photos.
  • Upload 10 images at a time.
  • Upload/Download/View your original photos (for printing).
  • Supports GIF, PNG, JPEG, and BMP.
  • Rotate photos (digital camera fix).
  • Rescale images for easier browser viewing.
  • Rename/description image tagging.
  • Three image library views.
  • Multiple Sorting feature.
  • Unlimited paging feature supports thousands of images.
  • Use simple web pages and a url for sharing photo galleries.
  • Unlimited web pages may be built.
  • Email photo pages to friends and family.
  • Skin-based interface design you can customize - Comes with 5 prebuilt skins.
  • New Security and Settings Modules included.
  • Secure Global Administrator login and module "lock down" feature.
  • Fully cross-browser compatible (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari for MAC, etc).
  • Fully CSS, XHTML, and Web Standards Compliant web product.
  • Ability to add new drag-and-drop Modules.
  • Fully customizeable source code (ASP and ASP.NET).
  • Requires a web site hosted with Microsoft Web Server (IIs). Either Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003 Server. Support for ASP and ASP.NET 1.1 also required.

For more information, visit us at is a simple web-based image management web application which allows you to upload JPG's, GIF's, PNG's, and BMP images to your web site and manage them online using your web browser. It is built and designed for the home user who wants to quickly and easily upload photos to their own web site. What's more, ImageIsland has no database install, no complicated user interface, no special setup features, no subscription requirements, and doesnt require another link to an outside url! Because it works inside your existing web site, ImageIsland will allow you to quickly upload and distribute images and photos using the World Wide Web. With its simple web page and email feature, you can quickly share and distribute chosen photos to others online. Your friends and family can access from anywhere, anytime, day or night because its always online using the power of the Internet and your web site!

Share your photos using your current web site with ImageIsland!


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