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A-PDF Size Splitter
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A-PDF Size Splitter is an intuitively simple, lightning-quick desktop utility program that lets you split any Acrobat pdf file or group of files into smaller-sized pdf files. It provides complete flexibility and user control in terms of the size of the split files and how they are uniquely named, and even works with password-protected pdf files.

A-PDF Size Splitter is perfect when you have a file size limit imposed by your email program or service providers rules, or for meeting specialized legal requirements such as a maximum attachment size.

If needed, you can recombine the generated split files with other pdf files using a utility such as A-PDF Merger to form new composite pdf files.

A-PDF Size Splitter does NOT require Adobe Acrobat, and produces documents compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 and above.

Unique tools to split PDF file to small size limited.


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