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Cash Flow Valuation Model for Excel
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cash flow valuation model for excel coupon
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Publisher Review / Description:

The Cash Flow Valuation Model for Excel is the perfect tool for comparative company or project valuations.

Cash flow analysis is the basis for most sound investment and business decisions. It is heavily relied upon for value investing, both in the stock market and for private company and project investment. Our Cash Flow Model is useful across all financial and investment disciplines.

  • Uses for the Cash Flow Valuation Model
  • Profiling the sources of positive or negative cash flow within a business
  • Comparing up to 5 different businesses by graphical snapshots, ratio analysis, or by specific cash flow categories
  • Scenario analysis of different cash flow growth rates on bottom line profitability
  • Estimating future cash flows for up to 10 years
  • Calculating business or project value using the Discounted Cash Flow method
  • Creating corporate and investor presentations

Key Features:

  • Easy to use format makes workflow and presentations easy to understand
  • Complete flexibility in growth rates and other key variables
  • Each of the 9 worksheets is automatically linked to the others so that figures only need to be entered once and they will flow through the model
  • Each page is pre-formatted to print on 8 x 11 paper for fast presentation and quick decision making
  • Worksheets and formulas are left unlocked for easy customization if desired
  • Includes a complete User's Guide in Word format with multiple screenshots and for easy learning

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