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Quick Five Year Financial Plans Plus Ratios
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quick five year financial plans plus ratios coupon - 28%...40% OFF

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QUICK FIVE AND TEN YEAR FINANCIAL PLAN TEMPLATES FOR EXCEL plus 9 Excel Add-Ins plus complete Training Course.

  • With FastPlan 9.0 (Five Year Planner) you create a complete set of budgets, profit & loss forecasts, balance sheets and cash flows on a monthly basis for five years.
  • The 1-5 years budget templates help you develop your forecasts on a monthly basis over any 60 month period. You can vary unit volumes for each separate product, unit prices, unit cost of sales and company expenses.
  • The Budget forecasts that you create automatically generates 60 monthly profit and loss forecasts, balance sheets and cash flows, plus closing cash balances each month.
  • You can easily vary unit volume forecasts, prices and cost of sales and FastPlan instantly recalculates monthly and profit & loss forecasts, balance sheets, month end closing cash balances.
  • Plus all the key operating ratios.
  • The Management Summary spreadsheet consolidates the entire five year plan into one spreadsheet so that you can see at a glance as a presentation all the forecast financial details and year end balances.
  • No accounting knowledge is required.
  • Plus Bonus Ten year financial plan – extends to 120 months.
  • The extra ten year financial plan provides you with templates to enter all yearly forecasting assumptions (prices, cost of sales, asset purchases, working capital, loans).
  • The budget planner spreadsheet helps you create a detailed ten year unit volumes, sales and expenses forecast.
  • The Summary page consolidates the ten year plan into Unit sales, Revenues, Cost of sales, Company expenses, EBITDA, Pre and post tax income, operating cash flows and closing cash balances.
  • If you need to incorporate loans into your plan, FastPlan (10 years) calculates all repayments and yearly closing balances and inserts these plus interest charges into the plan forecast.

FastPlan for quick five year financial forecasts.

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