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This Excel workbook helps you prepare a financing proposal based on three years cash flows for deep equity loan finance.

Deep equity debt is a highly successful financing strategy. Lenders like it because it gives company borrowers stronger balance sheets, and borrowers like it because they are not locked into fixed loan repayment schedules. Repayments can be negotiated to match your cash flows.

To raise finance these days you must have a plan that will bring success. Deep equity debt financing provides the plan strategy that will work for you. Small, medium and large companies can use the deep equity route.

The Cash Flow plan provides you with all the spreadsheets you need to create monthly three year cash flow forecasts with 100 rows of sales forecasts with pricing levels to product, customer or territory level. You can vary cost of sales and cost escaltors using quick adjusters. The Plan includes a capital purchase schedule, Deep Equity Loan schedules and a repayment loan schedule which import into the cash flow spreadsheets.

All the inputs create the 36 x monthly cash flow schedules for years 1,2 and 3 plus an operating summary and Plan Summary which supplies mpntnhly EBIT and the interest coverage ratios and the overall plan period.

Loan interest and repayment schedules are automatically inserted into the cash flow schedules.

No previous accounting experience is required. The download Excel file is accompanied by a tutorial edition containing guidance accompanied by a complete demo plan.

This a highly powerful and proven plan for companies and their financial advisors to raise finance.

Prepare a Convertible debt financing plan quickly and easily.

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