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Nationwide Newspaper Directory Software
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Nationwide Newspaper Directory PC Software with Database of over 5,200 listings

Features..Database directory of over 5,200 daily and weekly newspaper throughout the U.S! Sort database via all 7 database fields (Newspaper,City,Sate, Zip,Phone,Circ, Frequency)! Newspaper search and an advanced query feature to find the right papers, locations and circulations!

Ability to edit and delete records, as well as add your own! Easily view records in either ?Form View? or ?Table View?! Includes Statewide Associations that for a single discounted fee can place your ad statewide in 100's of weekly papers. Includes pricing, circulation, number of papers and more! Includes Group Network Associations. One call, one discounted payment and you're in 100's of papers with millions of readers. Advertise by city, state, regionally and nationally! Fast database engine. Windows compatible. Easy to use!! Expand a business, increase sales, generate leads, build bigger downlines!! Become an ad broker using these secret sources! Target your ads by city, state, regionally or nationally!

Place your ad in papers that product results: weeklies, shoppers, nickels and community papers! Simple to use by anyone! Capitalize on the home business/mail order revolution! Find those hard to reach people to respond to your offer!

Deeply discounted advertising sources, some for about a $1 per paper!

Save time by making only one call to place your ad nationwide in hundreds of papers! Learn tips and techniques of writing and placing ads!Nationwide Newspaper Directory PC Software with Database of over 5,200 listings Features.!

Nationwide Newspaper Directory PC Software Database of over 5,200.

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