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Monte Carlo Financial Modeling 2008
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monte carlo financial modeling 2008 coupon - 28%...40% OFF

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Easy & Quick Monte Carlo Risk Analysis and Modeling Spreadsheets will help you model financial outcomes quickly and effectively.

The Sales & Profit Forecasting modeler will accurately predict your company sales and profits by combining up to 15 different product or profit center estimates of incoming sales leads, costs per lead, leads conversion rates, price yields, gross profit margins, G&A recovery rates and their upper and lower limits. Forecasts probabilities achieving any sales or profit targets using Monte Carlo simulations.

The Monthly Sales Model provides confidence level of reaching any 12 month sales goal using Monte Carlo sales forecasting simulations.

The Capital Project Model analyses the probability that investment capital will be justified by returning the target ROIC value set by the user when up to 15 variables are combined. Investment simulations apply Monte Carlo calculations. This Sim simply works out whether a target ROIC value will be reached or not. InvestmentSIm listed below analyses an entire 10 year investment period and calculates the most probable levels of IRR, ROIC and NPV.

Investment-Calc will model any investment project, combining all years 1-10 variables to predict the most probable values for IRR, ROIC and Net Present Values.

The Gross Profit Margin Model (2 workbooks collection) combines up to 15 variables and product mixes applying Monte Carlo analysis.

All six workbooks will run in Excel 2003 – 2007.

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