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Lease/Loan Organizer 2006
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lease/loan organizer 2006 coupon - 28%...40% OFF

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Lease/Loan Organizer 2006 for Excel.

  • Time saving Excel add-in organizes up to 100 lease/loan accounts into combined month end reports.
  • Calculates and combines current period payments of principal and interest, provides outstanding balances, months remaining, payments remaining and asset book values (S/L or DDB depreciation).
  • Starting information includes the loan/lease principal, interest rate, repayment months, salvage percent and depreciation years.
  • Program calculates the monthly repayment, and at each month end the periodic repayment of principal, interest charges, balance c/f and book value c/f.
  • Organizes multiple accounts using Excel tables that provides quick and easy look up/drill down any lease/loan account and report current balances. Transforms all accounts into yearly principal and interest payments schedules based on daily interest to a maximum 20 year repayment period.
  • Includes lease or loan repayment amortization schedules that accrues interest on the daily balance method for a maximum of up to 7,755 days – over 21 years, with daily accruals of interest/360 days/365 days/366 days.
  • Each account is created by entering the draw down date, repayment months, principal amount, annual interest rate, depreciation years and residual asset salvage value percent. The program creates the year by year repayment of principal and interest expense schedule for each account whether created in the past or anticipated in the future.
  • The download zip file contains a demo/tutorial with easy instructions.Time saving Excel add-in organizes up to 100 lease/loan accounts. Organizes multiple accounts within Excel table templates to provide quick and easy look up/drill down any lease/loan account and report current balances.

Excel add-in for lease/loan account consolidations.


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