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Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows 95/98/ME
dongsoft pc recent coupon - 11%...15% OFF

Publisher Review / Description:

Nowadays with high-capacity hard disks and more and more files and programs, you may have felt not easy to find these files and applications quickly. Let PC Recent solve this problem. PC Recent is a utility that lets you record the processed files and folders, processed documents, executed applications and dcontents in clipboard easily. Moreover, PC Recent lets you retrieve PC processing log which was recorded before.

You don't have to find the files and software manually every day. With its powerful search functionality, you can find files and applications immediately. It's very convenient.

PC Recent Features:

  • Record recent file/folder operations
  • Record paths of recent edited documents
  • Record paths of recent executed applications
  • Record current contents in clipboard
  • Record recent visited web site addresses
  • Record all existing web site addresses from your Favorites
  • Convenient search functionality

PC Recent lets you record the processed files and folders, processed documents.

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