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With these eight Add ins for Microsoft Excel you will enhance your Excel with added capabilities that are well beyond the standard Microsoft Excel program:

  • Save hundreds of hours a year developing your Excel spreadsheets with the following add-in functions.
  • Add quick one click indexing for instant spreadsheet retrieval.
  • Track and list all the formula within your Excel spreadsheets with Formula Manager.
  • Find and delete orphaned Names (cell ranges) and rogue links to other workbooks with one click. (Use Name Manager/Delete Orphaned Names).
  • Delete unwanted rows based on any criteria with one click (Use Power Plus/Delete conditional rows).
  • Convert imported numbers to true Excel negatives (from 1,000- to -1,000) with one click (Use Number Manager/Convert imported negatives). Saves hours of corrections.
  • Hide zeros, Hide text, hide numbers, hide negatives, hide positives with one click (Use Number Manager). Present your spreadsheets in a new polished way.
  • Create blanks (new rows) between different headers or remove blanks with one click (instead of row insert, create new blank rows to add to lists in one click) (Use Dupe Wizard/Create/Delete Blanks between). Quick list management.
  • Use the Excel yearly calendar to click date insertions into your spreadsheets always using the correct Excel date format.
  • Save hours of work effort importing texts into Excel using Text Manager. Convert texts, numbers and dates that Excel does recognize into true Excel formats.
  • Manage List duplicates, number formats and equations with Dupe Manager to make Excel work faster for you.
  • Reduce large Excel workbooks file sizes with File Size Reducer.
  • Unlimited license allows installation of the Add-ins into an unlimited number of Computers, and/or Networks within your organization.

Excel Add-in collection. Unlimited License.

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