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Easy Hi-Q Recorder
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Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 95/98/ME, Microsoft Smartphone, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7
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Publisher Review / Description:

Easy Hi-Q Recorder is the easiest way to record absolutely any sound in real-time! It's easy enough for any beginner

to use, yet is loaded with powerful, high-quality features that will satisfy advanced and professional user's recording needs.

Easy Hi-Q Recorder records directly to: MP3, (CBR or VBR), WMA 9, WAV or OGG Vorbis. The quality is excellent at all settings Now featuring Pro-Quality 48 kHz recording and many new enhancements!

Record any type of audio such as streaming Internet radio, audio or video sounds from any media player, games, etc. Record live sound with a microphone.

Convert, (record) any type of audio file or media such as: records, tapes, CD's, radio, DAT, Mini-Disc, video tape sounds, T.V. sounds, video games, telephone or from any other external device.

Easy Hi-Q Recorder features sound or voice activation for automatic song detection, silence removal or monitoring.

It also features Automatic: file naming, volume setting, file splitting by length or size and timers.

Also a built-in VCR-like timer that can record once, daily or weekly. It also includes a versatile player that will play your recordings plus a large number of additional file types.


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