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Publisher Review / Description:

IntelliScore Standard converts monophonic WAV to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI, CD to MIDI.

Compose MIDI music simply by singing or playing any instrument.

  • Convert monophonic MP3 and WAV files to MIDI
  • Grab monophonic music from a CD and convert it to a MID file
  • MIDI-enable any musical instrument, even your voice
  • Speed web page loading time by using intelliScore's MID files instead of MP3 or WAVE files

With intelliScore and additional software you can:

  • Print sheet music from your favorite music
  • Record MIDI directly into your sequencer software using your voice or any acoustic instrument
  • Generate cell phone ringtones from your favorite music
  • Change individual notes, swap instruments, transpose, etc.

Here are a few of intelliScore's powerful features:

  • Real-time MIDI. IntelliScore turns your voice or analog instrument into a realtime MIDI controller for live performance. No need for expensive MIDI pickups! You can also record directly into a MIDI editor using your voice or analog instrument.
  • Expression capture. IntelliScore faithfully recreates effects such as pitch bend, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento during monophonic portions of your WAVE, MP3, CD, and live music.

IntelliScore Standard is a WAV to MIDI, MP3 to MIDI, CD to MIDI converter for live performance, making MID files, and transcribing music from monophonic WAVE and MP3 files.


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