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Publisher Review / Description:

The tool to convert audio files from one format to another.

Supported: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, CDA, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP2, RA3, AMR_NB, AMR_WB, AC3, AIFF and MMF. (>200 converters in one)

Program features:

  • easy to use: user-friendly and simple interface allows you to select files for converting easily, set different parameters for files and convert them all together;
  • Drag&Drop support: just drag files with mouse from Windows Explorer or another file manager into program main window;
  • shell integration: converting from Windows Explorer with one-two right mouse clicks with customizable presets;
  • fast converting speed: convert directly, without any temporary files;
  • tags support: you can specify information about each of music file (Title, Artist, Album, etc.) for audio formats which support tags (mp3, wma, ogg etc.);
  • automatic file renaming: you can name result files using information from tags;
  • multiformat support: you can convert from/to all 15 supported formats, so you have 225 converters in one;

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