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Audio Record Wizard
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Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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Audio Record Wizard is a real-time sound recorder software, which offers professional recording features with mp3 support.

The sound recorder program is designed to work directly with your sound card, so it can record almost all audio from your sound card at near-perfect quality. So, you can record sound from a microphone, line-in, and just about any other programs (like winamp, realplay, windows media player). Direct to disk ability allows you to record sound without running out of memory as long as there's enough disk space. Audio Record Wizard can also record directly to mp3 format if you choose, saving you valuable disk space.

You could select the different mp3 recording modes as needed. Audio Record Wizard interface is easy to use and perfect for both novice and expert PC users.

Professional recording features/ mp3 support.

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