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ABC Birthday Reminder Coupon

26% coupon code: ANDR-0CMN-UBGU.
Missing a dental appointment is an unpleasant thing, missing a scheduled call to your client overseas puts you into an even more uneasy situation, but missing your best friend's birthday is embarrassing beyond any comparison. If you feel that sometimes you can't keep up with the pace of your life and can't keep track of dozens of important events, specialized software with an advanced notification system will be the remedy that you so desperately need. And if you don't know where to start, take a look at ABC Birthday Reminder and it may well become your favorite for good!

Alarm Master Coupon

11% coupon code: ANDR-B70E-JQOS.
This multifunctional personal organizer includes alarm clock, scheduler and timer.

Anniversaries Reminder Coupon

21% coupon code: ANDR-YOFG-RNHO.
Full version license of Anniversaries Reminder has no time or feature limits.

Efficient Calendar Coupon

36% coupon code: ANDR-CVDR-OOBI, Free Download.
Efficient Calendar is a professional, elegant and easy-to-use scheduler, planner and reminder.

Efficient Calendar Lifetime License Coupon

36% coupon code: ANDR-CVDR-OOBI, Free Download.

Garden Organizer Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-GR2C-FAHE.

LAVClock Coupon

11% coupon code: ANDR-M1ST-UPTC.

Life Organizer Coupon

11% coupon code: ANDR-XJDR-VPOE.

Liva Notes Coupon

37% coupon code: C69DA28979, Free Download.

LunarPhase Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-O7EN-DSAC.

LunarPhase Lite Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-O7EN-DSAC.

Moto Calendar Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-200A-VDCP.

My Personal Planner Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-FQRJ-BJRV.

OrgScheduler Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-6N50-NGEI.
OrgScheduler is a universal scheduling system for your individual, offices, business events with unrivaled features and flexibility.

Power Phone Book for MS Access Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-B70E-DEYG . Power Phone Book is the tool to manage your contacts.

PowerAG Coupon

13% coupon code: BBC48335DE, Free Download.

Salon Calendar Coupon

26% coupon code: ANDR-VI0V-BNMT.
Salon Calendar is a software tool designed specially for hair salons, beauty, manicure or aesthetic shops, tanning salons, fitness studios, wedding salons, fashion shops and ateliers, beauty centers, plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics, manicurists, aestheticians, make-up designers and any other specialists in the sphere of fitness, health and beauty care.

StarReminder Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-ET6O-HVEP, Free Download.
StarReminder reminds you about your tasks and important events. You can place reminders/alarms for a specific date and time or schedule them for regular repeats (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.)

Stayfocused Pro Coupon

33% coupon code: DRFE-MQGQ-XMGA, Free Download.

VIP Simple To Do List Coupon

5% coupon code: ANDR-BN2S-FGSC, Free Download.
VIP Simple To Do List is an easy-to-use PDA software which uses To Do List method to help you do more tasks spending less time. It increases your personal productivity drawing much of your attention to the most important tasks which give 80% of successful results.

VueMinder Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-FC6Q-GGQE, Free Download.
VueMinder Calendar is a full-featured calendar and reminder program. It supports multiple calendars displayed simultaneously in layers. These can be viewed and printed by day, week, or month.

WinLog Assist Coupon

36% coupon code: ANDR-3O0A-UKNN, Free Download.

WinReminder Coupon

22% coupon code: ANDR-CAA3-EFUV, Free Download.
WinReminder is designed to help you keep track of upcoming events through the pop-up window reminders, e-mail or SMS messages.

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